What makes CraftYourTown an excellent and special server?

Online gaming has become a passion for the young generation. Many youngsters are settling their careers in online gaming. Many creative games are helping people to release their stress and giving them profit. Many servers are working for it, but Minecraft survival servers are considered to be the best in this world. These servers are not just giving the best entertainment to players but also helping them set their career and give them a good amount of money. In these servers, there is craftyourtown server which is a very good gaming server with the best features. This server was established in 2017 and since then working properly and considered to be the best and most exceptional server in Minecraft survival servers.

 Join the town for the best experience

Craftyourtown is the special game server where you can build your town and become towny in the server. This special server gives the best online experience to play games and helps to a handsome amount of money. If you want to join the town, you can simply ask the handler in the chat or their discord. But if you are already part of their town, then it won’t be necessary, and you can invite your friends. Then you can join the game easily, build your town, and check other towns. You can enjoy some towns without being invited but just joining the server. You just have to type /t join <town name> to join without an invitation. And can experience the best Minecraft survival servers experience. There, you will experience the best speed of the game, and without any bug, they design their servers.

Best features of CraftYourTown

There are some certain features of this server that make it very special and unique among different servers and make the best Minecraft survival servers. There must be mentioning features given below.

  • Mud Plot & Fixed Over the world.
  • Every player’s economy.
  • Multiple items and skills of players.
  • The Whizz Tower. This feature helps to upgrade your game and your daily base rewards.
  • Daily reward party with friends and all the users.
  • User Alterations and promotion times.
  • Customize textures and different lotteries.
  • Earning good profit with the game.
  • Unlimited towns to join and play with others and make new friends.

Why choose craftyourtown server?

Since we know this is not the too much older server. So, there will always be questions in every player’s mind about why they should choose this server instead of other active servers. Minecraft survival servers provide weekly content and competitions. That helps players to sharpen their skills in online games. It’s also safer than others servers, so there is no need to worry about confusing others.


Minecraft survival servers are known for their best features and best competitions. These servers give the best town games and let the people enjoy with others and make a source of earning money. The best thing is their privacy policy. They don’t use it for the wrong purpose. So, you can enjoy your games without any worry.

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